30-minute Custom Virtual Modeling Appointment

For artists needing a mini session with a life model to practice or experiment drawing/painting a specific pose type or area of anatomy. When booking please be sure to answer the questionnaire (see PDF in "Extras" tab) so Avid can prepare your appointment. Please keep the request realistic in terms of time. We can work with your preference to the extent feasible, but here an example of a workable ½ hour appointment schedule:

- 5 minute intro/collaborative discussion on artist’s specific goals and setup

- 3x 1-minute gesture poses for warm-up, and to test/tweak tech setup

- 20-minute pose (or 2x 10-minute) tailored to artist’s request/direction


PLANNING INFO/QUESTIONNAIRE - Please read/answer prior to session

Avid Light's Virtual Art Modeling info and questionnaire for private sessions