Life Modeling Session for Artists - Approx 1.25 hours, "Not A Dancer" Theme

"Not A Dancer" themed figure modeling session for artists, VOD version

WARNING: contains male nudity in artistic context

This is an inaugural 'test launch' of converting a live modeling session to an on-demand recorded version available for rental. The original live session was lightly edited, mainly to remove breaks and shorten pose transitions (you can always 'pause' to take a break) and add background music. Video quality in this case is the same as the original live stream (so there is bandwidth compression and limitations of webcam)

Some additional details...

TYPE: Uninstructed drawing/painting session with undraped male life model. Includes nudity in artistic context (no pornographic or sexually explicit content).


COST: $15 donation requested


SESSION PLAN: This is not about mocking dancers, but about working with admiration and influence of classical and contemporary dance as well as disciplines such as yoga to create some interesting poses for drawing/painting. Using dramatic lighting, we’ll try some active and elegant scenes – though, of course, watching a non-dancer attempt dance-influenced poses may also bring some humor.


POSE FLOW (// break): 5x 2m, 2x 5m // 5m, 10m // 5m, 10m // 5m, 10m // 20m+


NOTES: NO screenshots permitted. If you notify Avid before or during the session, he can usually provide still images of specific poses with permission to use them for reference ($5 for webcam resolution, $10 for DSLR resolution). 


Sharing of work and feedback to always appreciated. Avid is also available to model for 1:1 sessions or private groups; email to inquire or visit website 


Check out session offerings, news, and events including other great pro models in the DC Art Model Collective! Visit the website, follow “DC Art Model Collective” page on FB and @dcartmodelcollective on IG

Life Modeling Session for Artists - Approx 1.25 hours, "Not A Dancer" Theme
$15.00 / 2 days

Author: Avid Light Modeling