2-hr Live Figure Modeling for Artists - Online Session with Avid (Draped/Clothed)

Webinar: 2-hr Live Figure Modeling for Artists - Online Session with Avid (Draped/Clothed)

Price: $10.00

Duration: 120 minutes

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Theme: “Peasants & Princes (Hold the Pestulance!)” -- costumed medium duration poses, mostly whole figure

Times are in your local timezone

Session Type: Clothed/Draped or costumed male figure; all-ages event. Covering and/or posing will keep the session within “Facebook-friendly” standards.

Platform: Group webinar here on Yondo with up to 25 attendees. No special software needed; a recent version of any major web browser can be used. Video stream reaches HD quality when connection speeds allow. Attendees can interact with each other, or Avid between poses, using webinar text chat. There is no camera or microphone feed from attendees. Avid sees the sign-in list but leaves it to attendees to decide if they reveal their presence or identity to others. Attendees' email addresses provided for registration and sign-in are are not used for other purposes or revealed by Avid or Yondo to others. The name used at sign-in also shows if chat is used, and can be a true name or pseudonym. An attendee may remain hidden from others simply by not typing anything in chat.

Cost/Registration: "Pay what you can"; $10 donation requested. To obtain the access link, you can self-register with the requested donation (via PayPal) on Yondo. This can usually be done up until last minute, but it is best to allow some time. To use a different payment amount or method, contact Avid directly at least 1 hour prior to session start. Email avid@avidlightmodel.com, use FB Messenger, or IG @alightmodel. Other payment options include Cash App ($AvidLight), Venmo (Avid-Light), or PayPal (avid@avidlightmodel.com) but contact is required for Avid to set up your access.

Notes: Additional session-specific theme and details included in listing subtitle and welcome message. Sharing of example work and feedback to avid@avidlightmodel.com is appreciated. Avid is also available to model for 1:1 sessions or private group webinars; email to inquire or book via https://avid.yondo.com. Check out session offerings by other great pro models in the DC Art Model Collective (like page on Facebook and @dcartmodelcollective on Instagram) and join the DCAMC newsletter! https://tinyletter.com/DCAMC